Be Cool Soda Pop

Oh how naive I was this morning. My eyes fluttered open, I gave a dramatic yawn and smiled, the way that all characters apparently do in most Disney movies. The reason I felt so majestic is because I had a dream that I lived in a far away kingdom where the weather is impeccable every day and I always woke up with flawless hair. I woke up expecting cute cartoon animals to come and dress me in ball gowns and clean my room for me while singing “Here comes the sun” by The Beatles.

Photo 2

When I opened my eyes and groggily looked around I realised that I hadn’t fallen down a rabbit hole. There were no glamorous magic pumpkin carriages waiting to take me to the ball to meet my prince. No, I had fallen off of cloud nine and back to reality.

photo 3

Seldom is the day that I awake with perfect hair. I had no birds dress me or clean my room, I had to do that MYSELF. Gosh, anyone would think that I am not living in a Disney movie. The only thing that my subconscious had gotten right was that the sun had come out to play. Today was HOT HOT HOT!


I don’t like the heat; I am absolutely not a fan (corny pun indented). When I discovered how hot today was going to be, I roared my scariest ‘NO’ at the weather app. I know it isn’t the apps fault but it isn’t good to keep that kind of emotion bottled up.

photo 4

It was ridiculously hot. I felt like someone had wrapped me a blanket and shoved me into an oven. The sun just needed to cool down. However, unlike the Disney characters that dance in my dreams, I couldn’t cast a spell on my kingdom to fix it, had to deal with it. What I do have however that the Disney characters don’t is the coping methods that I have brilliantly developed to deal with it.

photo 5

That is why I have decided to share with you all my top 5 tips on staying cool on days that are so not.

  1. Don’t go out.

Put your pyjamas back on, find some air conditioning and go back to sleep. Conserve that precious energy of yours for days that are nice. Responsibilities? HA please. You can procrastinate for one day.

Or if that is unrealistic, put on some sunglasses and look at tip number 2

photo 6

  1. Pack your portable snow storm

I am like Olaf from frozen. While I like warm hugs, heat and I don’t really get along. However, if you are like me and left your portable igloo up on clown nine, I find that I nice shady tree does the trick.

photo 7

  1. DRINK

Keep yourself hydrated, by any means possible. If that means drinking gallons and gallons of your favourite drink, I say so be it. If anyone comments of the excessive amounts you are having, scream “more for me” and drink some more.

photo 8

  1. Find a body of water.

Jump into the nearest ocean, pool, or ice bath and just float. Or, if you don’t have any of those at your disposal, just complain about that fact to a person. Human bodies are about 70% water, and I say that is the next best thing!

 photo 9

  1. Lather yourself in sunscreen

The only thing worse than a hot day is the mark a hot day puts on your skin- the sunburn.

It is an evil consequence of being to preoccupied with complaining about the heat. Not only is it uncomfortable but you just feel like a darn fool every time you talk to people, because apparently nobody can help but point out (or worse actually touch) a sunburn. Save yourself the trouble, and just put the sunscreen on. I personally like to pretend I am a sunscreen model while doing so, and put on an over exaggerated smile and try to look like I am having the most fun. The disturbed looks of people passing you by are priceless and make it all worth it.

photo 10

Now that you have read this, there are no more excuses for you to not be as cool as a cucumber hot days. You will no longer need to practice casting ‘perfect weather’ spells or take dancing classes to learn how to perform the rain dance.

You can just enjoy your day, and that is what I hope you do.

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo


People change. I am a people therefore I change.

For those of you out in this big bad world that have ended up on my lovely blog, I would just like say welcome. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because you have entered a happy little escape from the everyday drone of life. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. You may have already began to piece the puzzle pieces of me together through reading my ‘about’ page or my various posts, but you may not really know me. So here we go.

Why have I decided to post my post private and intimate thoughts for anyone and everyone to read? Why not just write in a journal? At least that way I wouldn’t have to change names to protect the identities of the fabulous and nobody would care about my spelling. Well there is a simple answer to that my friend. My hand is tired and the people on the street got tired of my mindless ranting. My brilliant solution to these two problems is to press the convenient buttons on my computer to spread my magnificent madness to a wider audience. Now I only have to yell my URL at strangers on the street. Not only is that time effective but easier to remember.

I enjoy having the right to say what I feel when I feel like saying it. If I feel compelled to, I can tweet that right now that I am eating Hawaiian pizza but am really craving a margarita pizza and give it a little hashtag along the lines of #firstworldproblems. However, when 140 characters aren’t enough to share my thoughts on the matter, I can turn to 3am and write my little heart out about it. If I am listening to an awesome song or watching a fantastic movie, I can tweet it to instantly inform all my adoring fans that at that point in time that is what is exciting me about life. Though, when disaster strikes and my 140 characters are too full with adjectives describing how I feel about the topic, that is when I can turn to 3am to review it and share all of my opinions about that topic.

I am a passionate person, with a love that is a deep as the ocean for many things like puns, despicable me minions and rainy days. It is feared my many that if I don’t spread my love throughout the world in healthy little bursts, that one day I will just explode into thousands of pieces of heart-shaped lollies with the names of all the things I love on them. A vividly descriptive consequence, I know. Despite how radically cool that would be I think it would be best to avoid it and just talk about my loves on 3am (as well as in random busts of song in the street).

Writing is my favourite thing to do. I love to connect to other people through this wonderful medium. I love reading about how people have dealt with things ranging from everyday situations right through to the craziest of circumstances. This therapeutic method expressing emotions is an incredible thing, and I would love for you to not only save the ears of people on the street and just read about what I have to say, but to comment and tell me about situations that are similar to what I write about or to fangirl with me about the newest Sherlock episode.

I am assuming the final question you have about me, is why the name 3am? Excellent question, you seem extremely bright, if you keep this up, I can see us being great friends one day. I am a victim of what I call 3am-itus. What is that? Another great question! 3am-itus is the disease that I created to give a name to those moments when get a flash of brilliance. An idea that inspires and excites you! These moments occur when you least expect, like half way through a run, while goofing around with friends, reflecting to music or the most general time for this to happen is in the middle of night, at 3am.

This blog is full of my 3am thoughts.

I am hoping that these 3am thoughts will inspire you, my new best friend, to share own 3am thoughts with me.

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo