The Six Emotional Stages of Dropping your Phone

Imagine This. You think that your day just couldn’t get worse. You spilt coffee on your white shirt that morning, which caused you to be late for that extremely important meeting you had been preparing for all week. Your phone won’t stop buzzing. You would love to just leave your phone and all of your worries behind. f9da9b84407a313d4ab81fe0f3b6e1f4.jpg I am here to tell you that while it is tempting to get rid of your phone, I urge you to take the option of putting it in your sock draw. Don’t drop it or throw it in a pool. No matter how much it is annoying you, there is an off switch for a reason. A few days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone. gasp Gasping_b3cbe7_2595489 1318310487111 It is a terrible experience. When it happens, everything goes into slow motion. You can hear dramatic music start to play (even though your phone is broken and you have no other possible source of music). My imaginary audience was on the edge of their seats. 85b99b566197a0119cf814fe430a9081.jpg f9d093a9991eb7fde9945ceca610e576.jpg

All I wanted was an easy fix. I can assure you that at one point I googled how to cope with dropping your phone. Unfortunately nobody online was sympathetic to my pleas. That is why I decided to share the emotional stages that you go through when you drop your phone, to let you know that you aren’t alone.

1. Replay

I like to call this stage replay because you are forced to stand there for what feels like hours, replaying the scene over and over in your head, not wanting anything but a time machine. 175fce40a7eccdd0ab91db77f17a0f87.jpg

  1. Denial

Replay is closely followed by denial. “No. That didn’t just happen. No. I refuse to accept this.” You think to yourself while pacing the room, still replaying the scene in your head. 0fa3775cf27c716fd9ee0055d1b2f9c3 fcaeb2a3de010385b0072cf59a4b3b17.jpg 3. Panic

Stage three is full-blown panic. The scene finally settles in your mind and you realise what has just happened and the repercussions. In approximately 2.5 seconds you have been cut off from the rest of the world, forcing you to think “OMG. That did just happen… HELP”. You feel a need for your phone that is greater than the need for oxygen in your lungs. d561c37e6e9ba8c6099ae0417ea1b1df.jpg 78cba6597d627a2d14f5a229e9ac5043.jpg

  1. Cry

Once you have settled down, I recommend having a good cry. Let the emotions flow and just cry it out. It is scary being disconnected from the outside world. d5a1dcf32d5533b8912c86450aad2baa.jpg

  1. Anger

When your hands start to involuntarily clench into fists, you know what you have reached stage five, anger. It’s normal to experience this. It is the time when you will find yourself asking questions such as “Why did this happen to me?” When it comes to this stage I suggest taking a chill pill while you wait for the final stage. 66b6b8b0e105891f5b7930ec11b6c10e.jpg photo 4 6. Acceptance

As time goes by, it does get better. You learn to accept what has happened. This is generally the stage where you go out and find a solution. Perhaps go and find a shop that fixes phones or decide to treat yourself to a brand new phone. Just remember, everything happens for a reason. e497ed85ac9525c09e7b8474faf00f09.jpg

Phone related incidents happen all the time, even to the best of us…


The important thing to remember that it is going to be okay. You will get through this. Don’t forget, these kinds of accidents happen all the time. It could be worse… 53de04263fbe78bc3a7e7deafbba1e4b.jpg

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo



  1. Creatopath · April 7, 2015

    I went through these same emotions when my water bottle leaked in my bag and drowned my poor phone. Thank goodness the old rice in a plastic bag trick worked. Fixed it right up! I was in a bit of a panic for a few days though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahbrooks55 · April 7, 2015

      Oh my goodness, you poor thing! It’s a terrible feeling. At least it is better now, I didn’t know that trick worked!! I can relate to the panic.


      • Creatopath · April 8, 2015

        I was sceptical but I left it in there for a few days and it was as good as new. Well, maybe not that good, but it still worked.

        Liked by 1 person

      • sarahbrooks55 · April 14, 2015

        That is such a great trick! It’s better than nothing!!

        Liked by 1 person

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