Learning how to love alone 

When I was in High School I loved being with myself. I never worried if someone didn’t like me, I like me, and that’s what is important. 

I always believed that with a handful of friends and love for myself I will be WAY happier than spending my time surrounded by people that don’t make me feel good.

I am now a year out of high school and I have had a plethora of experiences in the world. I have learnt that I will make mistakes – and that it is not the mistake that defines you, but your resilience, how you handle it, does. (If Queen B says so you KNOW it must be true) 

There have been times when I’ve learnt that people can and will be incredibly selfish- and that being with them can feel lonelier that actually being alone.

I have loved when life feels like it is just not going your way then suddenly falls in a place that is better than I could have ever imaged thanks to patience and persistence 

I have enjoyed meeting new people and making friends that make me feel like I am my best person. I have loved the late night sugary study sessions that end in early morning pizza by the beach with the best people in the world, and the caffeine fueled 8am lectures full of belly laughs.

I have had to say many goodbyes recently- to many people. To my beautiful new friends who have gone home to be with family for the summer, as well as to people who don’t make me feel good. 

It is very hard to say goodbye 

I have learnt that as much as I love being with myself I really do love being with people. Counting Crows was right, you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I am currently learning how to miss people and be alone, while simultaneously learning how to love, adore and be with myself again.  

I know that in life I will never please everyone, life would be less interesting that way, so I am making sure I am kind to all people and make myself happy.  

 If any of you wonderful people have any tips, tricks, or stories to make the loneliness less lonely feel free to comment below ❤️ 
Many Cliches,

Sarah xoxo