Learning how to love alone 

When I was in High School I loved being with myself. I never worried if someone didn’t like me, I like me, and that’s what is important. 

I always believed that with a handful of friends and love for myself I will be WAY happier than spending my time surrounded by people that don’t make me feel good.

I am now a year out of high school and I have had a plethora of experiences in the world. I have learnt that I will make mistakes – and that it is not the mistake that defines you, but your resilience, how you handle it, does. (If Queen B says so you KNOW it must be true) 

There have been times when I’ve learnt that people can and will be incredibly selfish- and that being with them can feel lonelier that actually being alone.

I have loved when life feels like it is just not going your way then suddenly falls in a place that is better than I could have ever imaged thanks to patience and persistence 

I have enjoyed meeting new people and making friends that make me feel like I am my best person. I have loved the late night sugary study sessions that end in early morning pizza by the beach with the best people in the world, and the caffeine fueled 8am lectures full of belly laughs.

I have had to say many goodbyes recently- to many people. To my beautiful new friends who have gone home to be with family for the summer, as well as to people who don’t make me feel good. 

It is very hard to say goodbye 

I have learnt that as much as I love being with myself I really do love being with people. Counting Crows was right, you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I am currently learning how to miss people and be alone, while simultaneously learning how to love, adore and be with myself again.  

I know that in life I will never please everyone, life would be less interesting that way, so I am making sure I am kind to all people and make myself happy.  

 If any of you wonderful people have any tips, tricks, or stories to make the loneliness less lonely feel free to comment below ❤️ 
Many Cliches,

Sarah xoxo


Legend-not Dairy

If you follow me on twitter (@_sarahbrooks_),  you might already know that this year I have discovered that among the many things that I am intolerant of (such as people with a lack of common courtesy and manners) I am also lactose intolerant.


It has been roughly six months since I started my dairy-free diet and I must say, I am feeling much healthier and… well… less shitty (pardon the pun). However, I never realised until now just how many of my day-to-day products contained milk!

The start of the new diet meant replacing many of my beloved foods. Obviously I had to make the switch from my normal milk to lactose-free milk and use margarine instead of butter, but the list went right down to little things such as when I attended parties, if the flavour of chips weren’t ‘original’ I had to give them a pass. There is no point me having one of the delicious mini meat pies, those milky main meals will send me straight to the bathroom. If the lollies served weren’t a ‘lactose free’ brand, I wasn’t able to taste the sweet treats. Whenever cake was served, every time, without fail, I always had to pass.

So basically I blame my recent lack of a social life on getting low blood sugar at every party I attended.

My original reaction to this result was like this…


But now I am out of practice and my dance moves have started to look like this…


Leading people to respond like this…


As you can see, without a doubt, there needs to be an increase in lactose free party foods. It’s for the overall comfort of mankind!!!

On the bright side, my diet has forced me to stop eating these types of foods, which despite the constant lying to myself I know that they aren’t healthy. But lets face it people, the time has come. I motion that we integrate some delicious, healthy lactose-free party favours into the mix. It is not an ‘udderly’ ridiculous request. If we can have a gluten-free cake, we can make a lactose free cake.


I would also like to inform all of you of the immense struggle that has occurred for lactose free people with the recent fad of catching up with your friends for breakfast. I love this. I am a huge fan of breakfast foods. However, as many public bathrooms will tell you, breakfast foods are not a ‘huge fan’ of me. I am forced to sit and suffer while I watch my friends eat scrambled eggs that are full of creamy milk, chow down on delicious buttery pancakes and waffles, and dine on fruit and yogurt while I look down at my un-buttered raisin toast and think ‘why am I paying $4.50 for this when I have a whole loaf at home that cost me the same price, and I can eat it with my butter in my pyjamas!’ Again, this doesn’t do wonders for my social life.


I know that many of you will argue ‘why don’t you just have lactose free yogurt and fruit?

Well, to you I say


To my immense surprise, 90%* of establishments would prefer to lose my business than go to the trouble of accommodating my needs. Oh yes, they will make me a lactose free earl grey tea, there is no problem there, but heaven forbid I ask for dairy-free eggs. Apparently it is just UNHEARD of.

Grabbing a bit of afternoon tea at places such as Gloria Jean’s is a ridiculous task! While everyone is there eating their citrus tarts and gluten-free brownies, I am still sipping on my lactose free earl grey.

I wish I were kidding when I tell you about one afternoon when I went to Gloria Jean’s and I asked this rather bored-looking employee behind the counter if they had anything to eat that was lactose free. A simple request… or so I thought. She replied with an uncaring face ‘those biscuits are gluten free’.



That is lovely darling but NOT WHAT I ASKED.

I mean, a simple no would have sufficed.


I am so happy that there are a heap of gluten-free alternatives for those who are intolerant. This world needs to be able to accommodate for those of us with who are intolerant. It really sucks having these restrictions, the temptations to break the diet are real ya’ll.  I’m making a plea on behalf of those of us who are not aMOOsed with the lack of lactose-free options in casual dining just for a few things for us to nibble on!

In saying this, I don’t want to harsh the mellow of those incredible people who have made lactose free products such as chocolate and ice cream (shout out to you incredible people!) I am just calling out for there to be a wider lactose free variety available.

At least for the sake of my dance moves.


Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo

*This statistic is 100% made up by me for emphasis and had a 200% success rate of getting across my message.

This weeks excellent person- Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I would like to introduce to you a handsome man who is hilarious, a totally kick-ass actor and musician. I am talking about the rascally rapscallion known as Christopher Mintz-Plasse!!

1Anyone who has ever seen a movie with Chris would know what a talented actor he is. All you have to do is check out his IMBD page to see the long list of fantastic movies that he has been in.

He started out his acting career towards the end of his High School life in a hilarious Seth Rogen movie called ‘Superbad’. Chris played a high school student called Fogell (or better known as McLovin) and starred alongside the talented cast including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Emma Stone in this comedy about graduating High School.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse also played the notorious Chris D’Amico (or better known by his superhero name Red Mist or his villain name The Motherfucker) in the movies Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 that were based on the graphic by Mark Millar. This action packed movie also has a stellar cast including Chloë Grace Moretz, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Nicholas Cage and John Leguizamo.

You can also see Chris strut his fantastic stuff as Augie Farcques in Role Models, Ed in Fright Night and voice Alvin in ParaNorman – just to name a few.

What most people might not know about this multi-talented man, is that he is also a drummer/ singer in the bands The Young Rapscallions and Bear on Fire.

You can check out The Young Rapscallions albums ‘everything vibrates’ and ‘it is what it is- EP’ on iTunes


You can also check out Bear on Fire’s music on SoundCloud.

I am a huge fan of McLovin, oh sorry, I mean Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Not only is he extremely talented and easy on the eyes, he is also a supergood guy. (pun intended)

This is why 3am is proud to present Christopher Mintz-Plasse with the 21 Fart Gun salute


I will leave you to listen to Chris totally rocking the lead vocals on Bear on Fire’s cover of I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen

If you dig Chris and his hip and happening ways, I suggest you chicka chicka check out his twitter and instagram.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/mintzplasse
Instagram- https://instagram.com/mintzplasse/


Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo



Greetings fellow earthlings!

I am an active enthusiast of social media. I love to follow my favourite actors, singers, writers, comedians, (the list goes on and on, you get the idea) on twitter and instagram. It fills me with such a happy buzz to see that there are such inspiring people in this world.

This buzz is the reason that I have decided to have one post a week that is dedicated to a hip and happening person (or group) of my choosing who I have deemed exceptional and worthy of sharing their virtuosity with you.

I will share with you

  1. Who they are
  2. What they do and what makes them so groovy
  3. Why I think they are such tremendous people

I am also open to suggestions, if you know of some totally excellent people who do superb things and you think are deserving of a post dedicated just to them, just comment below!

I would just like to remind you all that 3am is a positive place. If you have a personal vendetta against someone that I write about, I encourage you to write all of your negativity down on a piece of paper and file it in the bin because nobody on here wants to hear pessimism here. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo

The Six Emotional Stages of Dropping your Phone

Imagine This. You think that your day just couldn’t get worse. You spilt coffee on your white shirt that morning, which caused you to be late for that extremely important meeting you had been preparing for all week. Your phone won’t stop buzzing. You would love to just leave your phone and all of your worries behind. f9da9b84407a313d4ab81fe0f3b6e1f4.jpg I am here to tell you that while it is tempting to get rid of your phone, I urge you to take the option of putting it in your sock draw. Don’t drop it or throw it in a pool. No matter how much it is annoying you, there is an off switch for a reason. A few days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone. gasp Gasping_b3cbe7_2595489 1318310487111 It is a terrible experience. When it happens, everything goes into slow motion. You can hear dramatic music start to play (even though your phone is broken and you have no other possible source of music). My imaginary audience was on the edge of their seats. 85b99b566197a0119cf814fe430a9081.jpg f9d093a9991eb7fde9945ceca610e576.jpg

All I wanted was an easy fix. I can assure you that at one point I googled how to cope with dropping your phone. Unfortunately nobody online was sympathetic to my pleas. That is why I decided to share the emotional stages that you go through when you drop your phone, to let you know that you aren’t alone.

1. Replay

I like to call this stage replay because you are forced to stand there for what feels like hours, replaying the scene over and over in your head, not wanting anything but a time machine. 175fce40a7eccdd0ab91db77f17a0f87.jpg

  1. Denial

Replay is closely followed by denial. “No. That didn’t just happen. No. I refuse to accept this.” You think to yourself while pacing the room, still replaying the scene in your head. 0fa3775cf27c716fd9ee0055d1b2f9c3 fcaeb2a3de010385b0072cf59a4b3b17.jpg 3. Panic

Stage three is full-blown panic. The scene finally settles in your mind and you realise what has just happened and the repercussions. In approximately 2.5 seconds you have been cut off from the rest of the world, forcing you to think “OMG. That did just happen… HELP”. You feel a need for your phone that is greater than the need for oxygen in your lungs. d561c37e6e9ba8c6099ae0417ea1b1df.jpg 78cba6597d627a2d14f5a229e9ac5043.jpg

  1. Cry

Once you have settled down, I recommend having a good cry. Let the emotions flow and just cry it out. It is scary being disconnected from the outside world. d5a1dcf32d5533b8912c86450aad2baa.jpg

  1. Anger

When your hands start to involuntarily clench into fists, you know what you have reached stage five, anger. It’s normal to experience this. It is the time when you will find yourself asking questions such as “Why did this happen to me?” When it comes to this stage I suggest taking a chill pill while you wait for the final stage. 66b6b8b0e105891f5b7930ec11b6c10e.jpg photo 4 6. Acceptance

As time goes by, it does get better. You learn to accept what has happened. This is generally the stage where you go out and find a solution. Perhaps go and find a shop that fixes phones or decide to treat yourself to a brand new phone. Just remember, everything happens for a reason. e497ed85ac9525c09e7b8474faf00f09.jpg

Phone related incidents happen all the time, even to the best of us…


The important thing to remember that it is going to be okay. You will get through this. Don’t forget, these kinds of accidents happen all the time. It could be worse… 53de04263fbe78bc3a7e7deafbba1e4b.jpg

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo

Be Cool Soda Pop

Oh how naive I was this morning. My eyes fluttered open, I gave a dramatic yawn and smiled, the way that all characters apparently do in most Disney movies. The reason I felt so majestic is because I had a dream that I lived in a far away kingdom where the weather is impeccable every day and I always woke up with flawless hair. I woke up expecting cute cartoon animals to come and dress me in ball gowns and clean my room for me while singing “Here comes the sun” by The Beatles.

Photo 2

When I opened my eyes and groggily looked around I realised that I hadn’t fallen down a rabbit hole. There were no glamorous magic pumpkin carriages waiting to take me to the ball to meet my prince. No, I had fallen off of cloud nine and back to reality.

photo 3

Seldom is the day that I awake with perfect hair. I had no birds dress me or clean my room, I had to do that MYSELF. Gosh, anyone would think that I am not living in a Disney movie. The only thing that my subconscious had gotten right was that the sun had come out to play. Today was HOT HOT HOT!


I don’t like the heat; I am absolutely not a fan (corny pun indented). When I discovered how hot today was going to be, I roared my scariest ‘NO’ at the weather app. I know it isn’t the apps fault but it isn’t good to keep that kind of emotion bottled up.

photo 4

It was ridiculously hot. I felt like someone had wrapped me a blanket and shoved me into an oven. The sun just needed to cool down. However, unlike the Disney characters that dance in my dreams, I couldn’t cast a spell on my kingdom to fix it, had to deal with it. What I do have however that the Disney characters don’t is the coping methods that I have brilliantly developed to deal with it.

photo 5

That is why I have decided to share with you all my top 5 tips on staying cool on days that are so not.

  1. Don’t go out.

Put your pyjamas back on, find some air conditioning and go back to sleep. Conserve that precious energy of yours for days that are nice. Responsibilities? HA please. You can procrastinate for one day.

Or if that is unrealistic, put on some sunglasses and look at tip number 2

photo 6

  1. Pack your portable snow storm

I am like Olaf from frozen. While I like warm hugs, heat and I don’t really get along. However, if you are like me and left your portable igloo up on clown nine, I find that I nice shady tree does the trick.

photo 7

  1. DRINK

Keep yourself hydrated, by any means possible. If that means drinking gallons and gallons of your favourite drink, I say so be it. If anyone comments of the excessive amounts you are having, scream “more for me” and drink some more.

photo 8

  1. Find a body of water.

Jump into the nearest ocean, pool, or ice bath and just float. Or, if you don’t have any of those at your disposal, just complain about that fact to a person. Human bodies are about 70% water, and I say that is the next best thing!

 photo 9

  1. Lather yourself in sunscreen

The only thing worse than a hot day is the mark a hot day puts on your skin- the sunburn.

It is an evil consequence of being to preoccupied with complaining about the heat. Not only is it uncomfortable but you just feel like a darn fool every time you talk to people, because apparently nobody can help but point out (or worse actually touch) a sunburn. Save yourself the trouble, and just put the sunscreen on. I personally like to pretend I am a sunscreen model while doing so, and put on an over exaggerated smile and try to look like I am having the most fun. The disturbed looks of people passing you by are priceless and make it all worth it.

photo 10

Now that you have read this, there are no more excuses for you to not be as cool as a cucumber hot days. You will no longer need to practice casting ‘perfect weather’ spells or take dancing classes to learn how to perform the rain dance.

You can just enjoy your day, and that is what I hope you do.

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo

People change. I am a people therefore I change.

For those of you out in this big bad world that have ended up on my lovely blog, I would just like say welcome. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because you have entered a happy little escape from the everyday drone of life. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. You may have already began to piece the puzzle pieces of me together through reading my ‘about’ page or my various posts, but you may not really know me. So here we go.

Why have I decided to post my post private and intimate thoughts for anyone and everyone to read? Why not just write in a journal? At least that way I wouldn’t have to change names to protect the identities of the fabulous and nobody would care about my spelling. Well there is a simple answer to that my friend. My hand is tired and the people on the street got tired of my mindless ranting. My brilliant solution to these two problems is to press the convenient buttons on my computer to spread my magnificent madness to a wider audience. Now I only have to yell my URL at strangers on the street. Not only is that time effective but easier to remember.

I enjoy having the right to say what I feel when I feel like saying it. If I feel compelled to, I can tweet that right now that I am eating Hawaiian pizza but am really craving a margarita pizza and give it a little hashtag along the lines of #firstworldproblems. However, when 140 characters aren’t enough to share my thoughts on the matter, I can turn to 3am and write my little heart out about it. If I am listening to an awesome song or watching a fantastic movie, I can tweet it to instantly inform all my adoring fans that at that point in time that is what is exciting me about life. Though, when disaster strikes and my 140 characters are too full with adjectives describing how I feel about the topic, that is when I can turn to 3am to review it and share all of my opinions about that topic.

I am a passionate person, with a love that is a deep as the ocean for many things like puns, despicable me minions and rainy days. It is feared my many that if I don’t spread my love throughout the world in healthy little bursts, that one day I will just explode into thousands of pieces of heart-shaped lollies with the names of all the things I love on them. A vividly descriptive consequence, I know. Despite how radically cool that would be I think it would be best to avoid it and just talk about my loves on 3am (as well as in random busts of song in the street).

Writing is my favourite thing to do. I love to connect to other people through this wonderful medium. I love reading about how people have dealt with things ranging from everyday situations right through to the craziest of circumstances. This therapeutic method expressing emotions is an incredible thing, and I would love for you to not only save the ears of people on the street and just read about what I have to say, but to comment and tell me about situations that are similar to what I write about or to fangirl with me about the newest Sherlock episode.

I am assuming the final question you have about me, is why the name 3am? Excellent question, you seem extremely bright, if you keep this up, I can see us being great friends one day. I am a victim of what I call 3am-itus. What is that? Another great question! 3am-itus is the disease that I created to give a name to those moments when get a flash of brilliance. An idea that inspires and excites you! These moments occur when you least expect, like half way through a run, while goofing around with friends, reflecting to music or the most general time for this to happen is in the middle of night, at 3am.

This blog is full of my 3am thoughts.

I am hoping that these 3am thoughts will inspire you, my new best friend, to share own 3am thoughts with me.

Many Clichés

Sarah xoxo